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The successful design of any technological or science based business or organization begins with an understanding of their goals, function, and operation. Schlagel & Associates recognizes that private and public developers, businesses, and organizations need a consultant that provides personal service and reliable project management to control costs, maintain schedules, maintain quality, and respond quickly. Whether the project is for research, testing, or production, the goals of our site and landscape designs are to be functional, safe, attractive, and promote the image of the business or organization. The site and landscape design should promote and enhance the business values, culture, and operation to your employees, clients, and the community. Schlagel & Associates expertise includes designs for business campuses, single buildings, and building expansions for corporations, businesses, and public agencies.

Research Facilities

Research facilities often have a larger number of occupants than production facilities. As a result, the relationship of parking spaces to building, the number of parking spaces, and the size and character of the outdoor environments are important. Additionally, Schlagel & Associates has found that proper building placement on the site is essential to providing the proper light levels and environments for offices and laboratories. The site design needs to provide for deliveries and shipping of equipment, chemicals, and supplies that is safe, functional, and separate from primary vehicular and pedestrian access areas. Collaboration and interaction, often important elements of a research facility, can be extended to the outdoor environment by providing areas for employees to eat lunch, conduct an outdoor meeting, or take a break from the stress of work.

Testing Facilities

The site design for testing facilities occasionally involves developing areas to conduct specialized testing outside of the primary building. These areas may have specific pavement load, safety, or environmental control requirements. Schlagel & Associates has provided pavement designs for placement large exterior equipment. Delivery and shipping areas need to be safe, functional, and separate from office parking and pedestrian access areas. Schlagel & Associates has developed a design for a campus that required transporting products from a research and testing facility to a production facility. Careful consideration of pavement design was required to provide efficient transfer of product while avoiding damage to the product.

Production Facilities

Production facilities often have a fewer occupants than research facilities. However, these facilities are often larger and need to accommodate more truck traffic. As a result, the relationship of dock areas to primary streets and roads is important. Proper building placement on the site can be an important design factor depending on light levels and environments required for production. The site design needs to provide for deliveries and shipping of equipment, chemicals, supplies, and products that is safe, functional, and separate from office parking and pedestrian access areas. Based on the experience of Schlagel & Associates, pavement and drainage design is essential to the long term durability of delivery and shipping areas. Comfortable and attractive outdoor spaces provide areas for employees to interact and relax to reduce stress and increase productivity.

The location of buildings and parking playPedestrian and vehicular circulation need to be designed for accessibility and safety while providing for efficient movement on the site. Schlagel & Associates landscape design approach is to design comfortable, attractive, and engaging landscapes and outdoor environments that provide a sense of identity and a place for employee interaction and relaxation.

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