Land Development - Education

Through a collaborative effort with a variety of public and private educational clients, Schlagel & Associates, P.A. has developed site designs that are functional, cost effective, safe, and educational. Our designs have included developing safe and efficient circulation for buses, private vehicles, and pedestrians, educational outdoor learning environments, and functional sports facilities. Schlagel & Associates understands the challenges of maintaining quality to meet the expectations of the administrators, faculty, students, and community with diminishing financial resources. For every project we are always seeking ways to provide cost effective solutions. Schlagel & Associates also recognizes that community support is essential to the success of any project. Our design staff is available to assist you with communicating the design of the project to your board, staff, and community.

Preschool & K-12 Design

Evaluating the current site conditions, current and future conditions of adjacent properties, and the project goals is essential to developing a plan that respects the existing site features, fits into the neighborhood and meets the needs of the client. Through their experience, our planners and engineers understand the concerns and educational objectives of administrators, educators, teachers, and parents.

Higher Education

The design of colleges, universities, trade schools, and other higher education facilities not only offer a learning environment but it can provide opportunities for students, educators, businesses, and communities to interact. Our designers understand the importance of creating designs that respect and enhance the image, culture, and history of the campus while providing safe, comfortable, enjoyable, and educational environments. From creating or updating master plans to developing design solutions for a new building, parking lot, or gathering space, Schlagel & Associates can provide the planning, surveying, civil engineering and landscape architectural services you will need.

Existing Facility Assessment

A current site condition assessment of existing facilities can assist school officials in developing schedules and budgets for improvements needed to maintain safety, code compliance, and appearance of the facility. Schlagel & Associates has completed site circulation, pavement condition, parking, and pedestrian system evaluations that included identification of areas needing improvement and solutions to correct the issue.

Sports Field Design

The design of quality sports fields not only includes the layout, but it also includes the construction details and specifications for the underlying structure, drainage, playing surface material and support items. Each sports field is designed to fit the regulation standards for the desired level of play, the planned use requirements, the unique conditions of the site, the project budget, and planned maintenance level. Our designers have completed site assessments to determine the best location for the sports field and any special construction considerations necessary.


Sustainable design not only provides ways to improve our environment, but it can provide educational opportunities as well. Through design and community participation activities, the designers at Schlagel & Associates seek to connect people to their environment. We have designed stormwater features that provide water quality benefits and create attractive landscape features that can be included in the educational curriculum. In addition, the designers at Schlagel & Associates have spoken to students from grade school through college about land stewardship and provided opportunities for students to have hands on experience planting native plants.

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Athletic Field Improvements