Public Works - Transportation

Schlagel & Associates has a long history of providing quality transportation engineering services to our clients. We have provided design and construction phase services on a variety of projects, from local road rehabilitation to collector and arterial street planning and alignment studies.

Our landscape architects have provided durable, safe, and attractive streetscape designs for numerous transportation projects. In every project the goal is to reinforce a sense of place, promote economic vitality, and create visual continuity through the use of street trees, landscaped beds, decorative pavements, site furniture, signs, public art, and lighting.

In addition to street and road design, we have completed designs for several pedestrian and bicycle trail systems. Our designers are experienced with the design requirements of state and local agencies. The trail systems are designed to preserve the natural environment, enhance the experience of the user, and provide a safe transportation route.

KDOT Prequalified:
Location and Design Concept Studies/Corridor Studies
Highway Design
Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility

Featured Projects

Turn lane improvements, box culvert, arterial road

In conjunction with the development of Parkway Plaza