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Shawnee Justice Center Stormwater Treatment Facilities

Project Overview

The Shawnee Justice Center was constructed in 2008 prior to the City adopting Storm Water Quality regulations.  The project consisted of the design and construction of storm water quality features to bring the project into compliance with the current City regulations.  The approach was to create a series of storm water gardens throughout the site and to restore some areas of the site to native grasslands.  The gardens were designed to provide points of interest throughout the campus.  One of the biggest challenges for the project was establishing locations for the storm water BMP features that did not require the relocation of numerous utility lines located throughout the property.  The project included modifications to an existing dry detention basin and wet detention basin and the design of sixteen new stormwater treatment facilities.  The project received JCSMP Research and Development and 2009 ARRA Innovative Green Infrastructure Project Funding.  The Johnson County Stormwater Management Program staff are currently monitoring the water quality on the site.

Project Highlights

Location: Shawnee, Kansas

  • 28 acres
  • 18 Stormwater BMP Treatment Facilities
  • 9 Rain Gardens
  • 2 Bioretention Basins
  • 2 Bioswales
  • 2 Grass Swales
  • 1 Extended Dry Detention Basin
  • 1 Extended Wet Detention Basin
  • Native Grass Restoration

Site Images

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